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My name is Kris Eriksson, I'm a Producer/Songwriter from Sweden. The Idea of creating Pinksign Plugins came from a late night discussion with my brother in law about Synthesizers. I mentioned my love for old vintage synths and his responds was 'I have an old one in my barn'. We stepped out in the cold winter night and into his barn to search for it. After a while we found a Korg Trident mkI standing in the corner of the barn, frozen and well frosted we brought it into his house. He had bought it years ago from a neighbour for basically nothing, Unaware of the rare beauty he had laid his hands on. 

We let the synth dry up for a few days before we brought it back to life, and when we 
eventually turned it on and gave it a try, it sounded amazing with a touch of detuned character. 
The day after I decided to carefully sample the synth for my own use. I've always loved the sound of old synthizers and felt that it's not a lot of software instruments with this character out there.
I started to program an easy interface GUI for the the instrument and really wanted it to be true to the real Trident with all 
its functions and knobs etc.
Eventually I finished it and used it for my own 
purpose, until a lot of friends started asking me what synths I use for certain songs they'd heard me produce. 
told them it's my own plugin and they all showed interest in wanting it.
And now we're here, ready to share this beauty with friends and the world. 
I do hope everyone will love this instrument as much as I do, more to come :)
Kris Eriksson Talks about Pinksign Trident Synth
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